5 kVA Generator / Welder / Compressor



  • Weight: 152kg
  • Length: 850mm
  • Width: 580mm
  • Height: 890mm


5 kVA Generator/Welder/Compressor

This mobile 3-1 welder/generator/compressor combo supplies all types of power whether the user is welding or working with electric or even pneumatic tools. This unit has 4 large wheels, and a single large fold down handle, for easy manoeuvrability and supplies hours of power with its large capacity 30 litre fuel tank.

  • 5000W Running / 5500W Max Power
  • Single Phase 15A outlet
  • 200 Amp Welder
  • 87 - 116 Psi Compressor with 200 Litre tank

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