1200 Litre Dust Suppresion Trailer



  • Capacity: 1200 Litre
  • Min Tow Rating Reqd: 1.5 Ton when filled
  • Operating width: 10 metres max


Minimize dust and improve working conditions with our Dust Suppression trailers.

• 1200 litre water tank
• Remote operation of dust suppression nozzles
• Approximately 10m wide spray with both nozzles, 6m with one nozzle
• Tank lasts around 6-7 minutes at full spray width, giving good dust suppression between 12-20 km/h
• Dust suppression nozzles can be used together or singly and can be rotated to suit the application
• High Volume hand-held Wash-down Hose
• Plumbing can be switched to utilise a pump to self-fill tank from a pond or water source- takes 3-5 minutes