Hire Options

Hire Options (when you hire with Hireways)


Short Term vs Long Term Hire

If you are looking to rent a machine or piece of equipment for one day or up to five years, Hireways will have a rental solution for you. You can maximise flexibility with our short or long term hire solutions ensuring you always have the right machine available when and where you need it.

With rental, you know, and can control, your budget in advance and optimise operating costs by adjusting your fleet size to the minimum number of units needed. This means you can adapt your fleet to sudden peaks in demand, saving you from being caught out by unforeseen circumstances.

Hireways rental agreements are tailor made to your specific requirements. Long-term rentals give you all the benefits of use with none of the risks of ownership. Short-term rental solutions can help you react immediately to a situation with a predicted cost. Other benefits include a single point of contact and simplified fleet management.

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Unique Hire Offerings

Hireways offers a unique hire option in its specially modified rail equipment. Hydrema swivel-tip dumpers, small to medium sized excavators and small trucks are all available with rail bogies, specially fitted and tested for New Zealand conditions.


10 Ways Hire Will Improve Your Business

Hire is proven for:


Is your equipment only used part of the time? When you own equipment, it can spend much of its time offering no return on your investment. HIRE and you only pay when the machine(s) actually being utilized.

Conserved Capital

HIRE lets you have the use of the equipment without capital outlay. You only pay when it’s working for you. Spend your capital dollars that you save through HIRE on investments in niche products or areas where additional profits are generated.

Try Before you Buy

Not sure which size/model will best do the job? And requirements change frequently? HIRE gives you great flexibility and gives you hands on experience and a guide for future purchases.

Fast Cost Recovery

Generally, HIRE payments are fully tax deductable. While purchased equipment is depreciated, tax savings yield slowly. Independent professional advice is best obtained in planning what is most suitable.

Maintenance Cost Eliminated

Why have the expenses of maintaining, certifying and warehousing? And when you HIRE, you gain many benefits like professional technical support.

Preserved Credit

Why allow capital purchases to erode big $’s in operational funds and available credit lines? When you HIRE, capital can be preserved.

Obsolescence is Eliminated

Take the risk of obsolescence away. With HIRE you don’t end up owning an old dog!

Stretched Budgets

If you have urgent deadlines or unforeseen inefficiencies you will require more equipment than your purchase budget will allow. HIRE at the most cost-practical and economic solution.

Expensive Allocation

Any difficult, complicated costings can be easily overcome. HIRE payments can be sorted directly and fairly to specific clients or contracts where the equipment was used.

Unforeseen Needs Satisfied

When initial equipment breaks down, or the pressure comes on in peak periods, HIRE can place the necessary equipment where you need it.