20 Ton Hydrema 922F Dumper



  • Capacity: 12 cubic metres
  • Payload: 20,000kg
  • Height: 3440mm
  • Width: 3180mm
  • Length: 9140mm
  • Engine: 296hp Diesel



The Hydrema 922F Series is the obvious choice for soft, muddy terrain or for areas with sensitive ground conditions where the lowest possible ground pressure is required. Due to the oscillated and hydraulic stabilised pivot joint, combined with electronically controlled suspension and level control on the front axle, along with the genuine rear bogie axle, all six wheels are in constant in contact with the surface. This means; equally distributed weight and very low ground pressure, high stability, safety and comfort for the driver. In the 922F Series, the torque for the 6 wheels come from a powerful 6-cylinder Cummins QSB-6.7 Stage 3a engine and an intelligent 6-gear ZF Soft-Shift Transmission. A 922F is easy to operate and the driver will soon feel at home with the machine's manoeuvrability and functions. User friendly switches and joystick-controlled tipping, automatic or manual gearshift and good visibility, provides the best and most comfortable working conditions.

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