Events Shipping Container




Get rid of that flappy old marquee and stop spending hours setting up tents. Simply get our modern and stylish shipping container dropped on your site with a HIAB truck and you are all setup to look after your customers and take your service to the next level. Ideal for Field days and other outdoor events. 

The container has two large fully opening sides, and two standard container doors. The large doors open on gas struts, providing much needed shelter from the rain during winter. 

It is fully lined with a trendy looking hardwood and comes with a complete electrical setup. Simply plug the container into a 3 phase power point on the back of the container, and you will have lights, power sockets, screens and fridges. 
It is full lockable, providing a secure storage place overnight. 

What's included: 

- 1 x Awesome black container 
- LED Lighting 
- Multiple power outlets 
- Built-in wall shelving 
- Central bench, with copper bench protector one end and shelving underneath (Previously used to prepare coffees etc.) 
- 1 x small bar leaner with 1 x 27" screen to work on websites etc. 
- Padlock with keys 

The container can be picked up from our yard in Palmerston North, or we can arrange delivery for you. Please ask for a quote for delivery. 

The black logo on the bench can be removed, but the large white one on the back of the container needs to stay. 

Interior signage can be replaced with your own. We have our own wide format printer on site, so can print your signage at a good price. Get in contact for me details regarding this. 

Hire Rates are as follows: 
-$1500 for up to a week, $1500 for every week after that. Excluding GST & Insurance 

Optional accessories: 
- 2 door glass front bar fridge - $30 per day 
- 50" screen on back wall for signage/photos - $20 per day