Tractor Mounted Sweeper - Large



  • Power: 59 hp
  • Length: 4.4m broom straight
  • Width: 2.130m
  • Weight: 2220kg


Tractor Mounted Sweeper - Large

The 59 HP L5740 HST tractor & NEILO Broom Combo delivers the ultimate in operator comfort, brooming performance and reliability for those demanding front line crews where productivity and speed is a factor.
The Servo operated HST “PLUS” Transmission features advantages such as a 2 speed power shift function, step-less lever type cruise control and load sensing auto throttle.
The L5740 cabin or ROPS Combo can be transported on a (gross weight 3500kg) tandem trailer behind a utility vehicle with a 3000 to 3500kg towing capacity such as the new Ford Ranger.

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